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Lanxin technology develops mobile robot vision system (LX-MRDVS)
Intelligent Mobile Robot
Forklift Robot
Pallet Handling Forklift
Small volume large load autonomous driving intelligent obstacle avoidance
○ The LXSR-FL21500P intelligent robot is a ground stack handling unmanned forklift designed for use in ground stack warehouses and for transporting goods on T-shaped pallets. Its compact size makes it particularly suitable for narrow channel operations. ○ Equipped with the Blue-core Mobile Robot Depth Vision System (LX-MRDVS), this robot uses visual SLAM for stable positioning and is not affected by changing environments. ○ Its 3D vision obstacle avoidance and intelligent visual perception algorithms make it safer than ordinary robots, as it can detect suspended and low obstacles. ○ This intelligent robot perfectly adapts to ground stack pallet handling, allowing customers to save on manual forklift investment and improve automation levels. It is an advanced solution that brings efficiency to warehouse operations. ○ Overall, the LXSR-FL21500P is a smart, efficient, and safe robot that helps customers save costs, streamline operations, and improve productivity.
360 ° laser + 3D vision sensor + mechanical anti-collision
Intelligently adjust the fork direction to reduce the difficulty of manual operation
Modular design

Application scenario

Bluecore's product line covers 3D vision sensors (including intelligent algorithms), intelligent handling robots, unmanned forklifts and composite robots


                      ·The 3C Electronics                                 · New energy industry                                     ·Printingindustry                                                                   

The market covers 3C electronics, new energy, semiconductor, auto parts, engineering machinery, clothing and other industries.

Benchmark customers include Huawei, ZTE, Toshiba, Foxconn, COMAC, Weixing, Qipai, etc.




Product principle

Depth vision system (LX-MRDVS) enables robots to "understand" the world and serve the world

Provide customers with leading mobile robot vision technology and more safe, reliable and convenient mobile robot products

Help customers improve production efficiency and create value for customers.


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