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Machinery Industry
Unmanned forklift to improve the overall capacity of the workshop.
Application Scenario
The main function of the project is to improve the overall production capacity of the workshop, form industrial 4.0 production requirements and fully realize unmanned production. The project mainly miters the upstream and downstream linkage of each process to ensure that the upstream discharge is received in time and sent to the downstream process to ensure continuous line production.
Use Cases
The project selects standard forklift AGV instead of manual forklift. Nearly 100 production lines are linked up and down, and several large areas are distributed at the same time to ensure that all vehicles can be dispatched to shuttle back and forth.
Use lxsr-fl21500p pallet unmanned forklift; 1 server; 1 set of network scheme;
Deploy software; Lx-rcs dispatching system; Blue core technology material calling system
The lxsr-fl21500p pallet unmanned forklift is used to link nearly 100 production lines and ensure accurate material transportation of all vehicles through multi platform AGV scheduling.

Forklift AGV mainly circulates between different processes, automatically connects with the pallet and carries the pallet;

1、Basin Tooth warehouse – Spiral tooth area loop 2: transport 3 pallet materials from Basin tooth warehouse to Spiral tooth area.

2、Spiral tooth area – Spiral tooth warehouse: cycle 3: handle the pallet in the spiral tooth area and move it to the spiral tooth warehouse area for warehousing;

3、Grinding area - semi-finished product turnover area 1 cycle 4: move the pallet materials in the grinding area to semi-finished product turnover area 1;

4、Semi finished product turnover area 2 - thermal processing cycle 1: transport 5 pallet materials in semi-finished product turnover area 2 to the thermal processing area;

5、External grinding / Internal grinding – Spiral tooth warehouse cycle 5: handle the external grinding / internal grinding pallet and move it to the Spiral tooth warehouse for warehousing.

  • 01/ Complex site environment;
  • 02/ The channel is a mixture of people and logistics;
Value to customers
Visual positioning
Solve the positioning problem of complex environment with high security.
Stop the obstacle in time
Laser at the mounting point at the bottom of the fork leg to avoid docking failure caused by manual movement of the placed shelf.
Strong expansibility
Windows operating system, simple operation and strong scalability.
Unified scheduling
Unified dispatching platform, intelligent central centralized control system.
Remote operation
The wireless communication system of special unmanned forklift is convenient for remote operation and monitoring.
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