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Photovoltaic Industry
The project of intelligent moving robot of the sixth factory of photovoltaic industry
Application Scenario
The Enterprise has 20,000 square meters of dust-free workshop. Before the deployment of AMR, the loading and unloading of the battery basket was done by human worker, which occupied a large number of labor resources and also prone to transit problems. The enterprise hopes the deploying of the robots would reduce production cost and increase efficiency, cerate a example for Replacing-Human-with-Machine workshop.
Use Cases
In the production base of a large photovoltaic enterprise in China, the jacking robot is equipped with 5G network terminal, accurately connected with production equipment, and achieve high-frequency transportation of battery baskets.
15 lxlr-fr3300l lifting and handling robots;
Deploy software; Lx-rcs dispatching system; Blue core technology material calling system;

360 degree obstacle avoidance without dead angle and high safety. AGV is equipped with safety sensors on the vehicle body, safety anti-collision strips and emergency stop switches at the front and rear of the vehicle body to absolutely ensure the safety of personnel, facilities and equipment.

The equipment provided by the system shall meet the following requirements in terms of safety:

l  The jacked shelf is connected with the AGV through a sleeve to ensure that the hopper car cannot slide out of the AGV bearing tray;

Because the passage is a mixed passage of people and logistics, music can be played when the AGV trolley is running to play a prompt role to avoid collision with personnel and materials and other related safety protection;

l  AGV trolley is equipped with 360 degree safety laser detection and has the function of automatically identifying obstacles. It will automatically stop and alarm when encountering personal obstacles;

l  Multi level safety protection strategy: the laser safety distance can be set manually. When an obstacle is detected in the buffer zone, the AGV starts to slow down. If the obstacle has not been removed, the AGV stops within the detection range of the emergency stop zone and gives an audible and visual alarm;

  • 01/ The workshop is small the road is narrow and the wiring layout needs to be very compact;
  • 02/ The equipment docking machine requires high precision and the automatic cylinder cannot grasp with large deviation;
  • 03/ The production pace is fast and the transportation frequency is high there are many traffic congestion points and high traffic control requirements.
  • 04/ Machines are connected side by side thus the gap is small adds high requirement for driving process control.
Value to customers
Automatic operation
Cargo handling and use the latest mobile 5g network communication.
Triple safety
Triple safety intelligent obstacle avoidance system to ensure the safe operation of the system.
Strong expansibility
Windows operating system, simple operation and strong scalability.
Remote operation
The wireless communication system of special lifting and handling robot is convenient for remote operation and monitoring.
Unified scheduling
Unified dispatching platform, intelligent central centralized control system.
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